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Enrolled Agent

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Professional Services

Our team is dedicated to creating a professional yet warm relationship, partnering with our clients to assist in resolving any financial or tax situation they might be under. Our team consists of carefully selected Enrolled Agents as well as a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor.With a combined experience of over 60 years of practice, we offer excellent communication skills and caring, understanding service. There’s practically no situation we haven’t handled before! Even when the situation seems dire, there is no reason to panic.We take a calm systematic approach to handling your tax and financial situations. If we aren’t panicking, then you surely don’t need to! We understand you want help. We will educate you on the tax code and will even take the time to explain your return line by line if needed. We love working with small businesses and helping them grow.

TAx Preparation

We practice tax avoidance, not tax evasion, meaning looking at how you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible. We do individual, corporate, partnership, estate, trust, sales and payroll tax returns. We care and communicate live with our clients to ensure that any questions they have are fully answered.

Tax Resolution

When life becomes too taxing, we come to the rescue. We have a specialization in this area. Tax resolution is for anyone who hasn’t filed tax returns in a long time or anyone receiving delinquency notices from the IRS in any State. Our team includes a former employee of the IRS Small Business Division. Cheryl is a Fellow of the National Tax Practices Institute, a specialization in tax resolution.


This is a necessity for any business owner. Knowing where your business stands at any moment helps you to manage your business versus your business managing you. This service is available on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our staff includes a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor and other seasoned accountants and bookkeepers who will take care of all your bookkeeping needs.


We will consult you on the best entity set up for tax purposes. Choosing the right entity is of utmost importance in starting a new business. There are tax advantages with all the different types of entities. Every business is unique and must be treated with the appropriate classification depending on the company’s needs. We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to find the best solution for your business.

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Meet Cheryl Kovitz

Already a seasoned tax professional, Cheryl started her own practice in 2012. Her purpose has been to give the best in personalized service. By caring and listening to what her clients need, her practice has consistently grown since its inception. She continues to help people in an area that is difficult for most to deal with. Her experience ranges from working with small business owners to Grammy award winning entertainers, real estate professionals, social media professionals, multi-million dollar businesses, and many more.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey for most of her life, Cheryl Kovitz studied as an undergraduate at the College of New Jersey. There she earned a Bachelor of Science and Economics. She went on to earn her Master of Science in Accounting degree from Kaplan University.

Cheryl is a recognized Enrolled Agent; An Enrolled Agent is a tax advisor who is a federally authorized tax practitioner duly recognized by the US Department of the Treasury to appear before the Internal Revenue Service to represent taxpayers. Her specialization in tax resolution was validated as a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute. She is qualified to practice in any state.

“I’ve taken on situations my network of tax attorneys and CPAs couldn’t handle. I fight for my clients.
I’ve gone above and beyond to help them. I treat their money like it’s my money.” - CK

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